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The New Book from Hannah Herron is Here!

Are you ready for The Ashford House?

The Ashford house is the infamous setting of ghost stories and teenage folklore in the college town of Tradesville, North Dakota. Horrendous tales of psychological possession and tragic deaths have spiraled from it. However, since the Ashford house only reveals itself to a select few people of its choosing to use for its evil, there is heavy debate as to whether it is real or just the product of wild imaginations that need a coping mechanism for the tragedies that occur. That is, until Detective Beau Branson, an investigator with a traumatic past of his own, is put on a case of a missing high school girl.

Meanwhile, Willow Mitchell, a twenty-one-year-old from Texas who ventured to Tradesville for college, begins to be haunted by mysterious happenings seemingly associated with a professor of hers. Rumors abound about this professor, but Willow has her own speculations. Despite her two best friends, Dahlia and Finn’s, best efforts, Willow cannot overcome the longing to delve into what is actually happening in this tragedy-filled small town.

In this mysterious, psychological horror story, it’s up to Detective Branson to solve the cases before anyone else falls victim to the Ashford House, but can he overcome his own history with it to do so before it’s too late?


Hannah's Debut Novel
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Blue Emerson is an intellectual, technological genius with skills far beyond the average college freshman. She has the hacking expertise of a professional in the body of a young, unassuming girl. But Blue's life takes an unexpected turn one night when her mind floods with images and flashbacks from a car accident that she doesn't remember. Her reality becomes haunted by attempted killings, fires, and even scarecrows that all seem to lead back to the flashbacks. Now, Blue must overcome the depths of her own, complex mind to understand what is really happening and why it is attacking her entire existence.
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