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Blue Emerson is an intellectual, technological genius with skills far beyond the average college freshman. She has the hacking expertise of a professional in the body of a young, unassuming girl. But Blue's life takes an unexpected turn one night when her mind floods with images and flashbacks from a car accident that she doesn't remember. Her reality becomes haunted by attempted killings, fires, and even scarecrows that all seem to lead back to the flashbacks. Now, Blue must overcome the depths of her own, complex mind to understand what is really happening and why it is attacking her entire existence.

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Sleep Tight

Roy wakes up in a motel he doesn't remember next to the body of a person he doesn't know. Roy is a run-of-the-mill, small-town, middle-aged, raging alcoholic. He's all alone, can't keep a job to save his life, and has pushed away the only things that could help him. Now, Roy must quit the drinks in order to find out what could've possibly happened that night and, hopefully, clear his name. 



Alex's best friend, Jack, goes missing at the mysterious Baughman Mansion party. Alex and his two friends, Selena and Dayna, decide to go looking for him. There's just one catch. No one ever makes it out of the Baughman Mansion alive if they stay the whole night. Once the sun rises, they will be stuck there forever.

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